Cold Rooms Maintenance

The cold rooms are used frequently on the commercial level. The people who run food businesses need to store large bulks of food products. It is important that there is adequate cold storage space for storing all the food. If there is not enough space available then there can be a lot of food wastage which is not good for business. It will also mean that your money is being wasted. The cold rooms provide the gracious storage space that a food business requires.

For any cold room to function efficiently, it is important that the refrigerated room is maintained properly. The cleanliness of the room is essential so that the food is kept safe from any contamination. The efficiency of the room can be made possible if the room is maintained properly.

The refrigeration system and the cold room:

For the room to be efficient it is important that the refrigeration system is efficient. The room can be kept cold if the refrigeration system is efficient. The refrigeration system needs to be perfect to make sure that the inner temperature can be maintained. This means you may also look for a walk-in freezer for sale.

The maintenance of the refrigerated room should also include the maintenance of the compressor. The compressor is an important part of the cooling system of the room. The compressor needs to be cleaned repeatedly to make sure that the refrigeration of the room is able to maintain the desired temperature.

The coils of the fan, condenser, and evaporators also need to be cleaned repeatedly so that the refrigeration system can function properly. These parts of the cold rooms should be done on daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance checks.

The daily maintenance checks:

The daily maintenance checks of the cold rooms include the following practices:

  • All of the compressors used in the modular cold rooms should be checked for oil leakage.

  • The Freon levels of the refrigerated room should be checked as well.

  • The evaporator of the cold room should be check for ice formation.

  • The secondary system’s head pressure should be checked every day.

  • The proper cold room temperature is also something that needs to be checked on a daily basis.

The monthly checkups:

The daily maintenance should be done throughout the month.
  • The efficiency of the system should be checked by carrying out the following practices:
  • Make sure that the fins of condenser coils are clean.
  • The evaporator and the fins of the cooler should be clean as well.
  • Make sure that the room is cooling perfectly when fully loaded.
  • Ensure that the levels of refrigerants are maintained properly.
  • The reverse blowing should be working properly as well.
  • The control valves should function efficiently.
  • The function of defrosting should work properly because defrosting is imperative to the efficiency of the room.
  • The evaporators should be clean and functioning efficiently to make sure that the temperature is maintained.
  • The casing of the evaporator should be cleaned along with the blower fans.
  • The temperature of the colds room should be calibrated.
  • To make sure there is no malfunctioning, perform a system functional test.

Quarterly maintenance practices:

Perform all the monthly maintenance practices. They should not be ignored. If ignored they can lead to an increase in energy consumption and inefficient cooling.

The overall functionality of the cold room should be tested to make sure there are no leakages or damage to the cold room.


Annual maintenance practices:

The daily, monthly, and quarterly maintenance checks should be carried out without any exception.

By carrying out all the maintenance steps mentioned above, the efficient functioning of the room can be ensured.

The heat exchanger should be washed chemically. This will help in removing any impurities which may become a hindrance to the efficient functioning of the room.

Doors of the cold rooms:

There are different types of doors for cold rooms. There can be sliding doors, roller doors, and an exit doors in the cold storage room. The doors of the cold storage room are usually inspected every two months. The doors are an important part of making sure that the inside temperature of the room is kept constant. The routine checks of the doors include different components like the rollers, brackets, emitters, IR reflectors, control boxes, hinges, alignment of the door, and devices used for safety like the door sensor.

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