Compressor Overhaul

Compressor Overhaul

Compressor Overhaul | After a certain amount of running hours, overhauling the compressor is required to prevent breakdowns, maintain comfort and extend the service life of your hard-working HVAC equipment. Overhauls are pro-active measures to return system performance back to factory condition efficiency, assuring many years of trouble-free operation.

Air Quality Services staff members possess combined rebuild knowledge and expertise. Their balance of experience and skills is unrivaled in the refrigeration industry and enables Air Quality to provide our client’s excellence in customer service unparalleled.

Run like new again

Compressor Overhaul Air Quality is specialized in revision, maintenance and repair of compressors used in Commercial. We revise semi-hermetic and open compressors of most brands and types. We work with innovative revision programs which meet the current state of technology and the high customer requirements, by using advanced tools and up-to-date knowhow. In an overhaul, rotating parts (wear parts) are visually inspected for scuff marks and dimensions are measured. Parts are cleaned, or replaced if faulty.

Key features

  • Compressor Overhaul all brands and types of cooling compressors.

  • We work with innovative review concepts, giving you cost-effective customization.

  • We make clear inspection reports, in which we indicate what we think should be done.

  • We overhaul compressors on the basis of up-to-date technical information that will reduce time and save money.

  • Your overhaul is a return on investment.                      If desired, the check-up report can be accompanied by quotations for recommended work and materials.

More information

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