Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, We work hard to ensure that your business operations are in full compliance with local laws and safety standards. No matter what type of space your commercial kitchen resides in, you can count on us to keep it clean.

Exhaust Hood System

We take the necessary steps so that out-of-sight areas in your exhaust hood system are treated just as well as any other part of your kitchen. This includes not just the outside of your exhaust hood, but every inch of the inside and connecting ductwork as well.

Conveyor Oven Cleaning

We offer an extensive cleaning service that ensures every part of your conveyor oven is thoroughly cleaned. We have the experience and knowledge to professionally clean all types of conveyor ovens found in commercial kitchens.

Grease Containment

Air Quality Service can tackle any grease issues you have and bring your building back up to code. We are proud to provide a wide variety of grease containment solutions.

Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

As one of the network’s largest kitchen vent hood cleaners, we pride ourselves on our dedication to performing detailed inspections before every service. We can ensure complete cleaning of your kitchen’s vent hood filter system.

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Grease Containment Crisis: Make Sure Grease is Managed

Whether you’re frying tons of chicken, fries, chances are your fryers stayed busy during the holiday season. However, when grease builds up in your ventilation system, it can create fire hazards, cause expensive damage. Avoid a grease containment crisis by ensuring your restaurant’s grease containment methods are effectively managing the amount of grease produced by your kitchen. To keep your commercial kitchen operating safely, efficiently, and legally, make it a priority to have a professional come in and assess your grease containment system.

Exhaust Fan Exhaustion: Time for a Tune-Up

Sauteing vegetables in oil, roasting potatoes in butter, and slow cooking meats in the oven all emit grease and smoke into the air. Exhaust fans play a key role in keeping your kitchen properly ventilated while cooking these foods, which means they can get quite a workout during the holiday rush. As part of your post-holiday season maintenance, and to prevent an emergency breakdown, have your exhaust fan belt professionally inspected. so it’s important to ensure they are installed and maintained properly.

Cooking is a Full-Time Job—Cleaning Kitchen Equipment Shouldn’t Be

After a long and busy season of cooking and baking holiday cuisines, all of your kitchen equipment could use a good cleaning. One thing you may want to consider for saving time and energy on those hard-to-clean items is a soak tank system. Soak tanks are a convenient way to make cleaning all of those heavily soiled kitchen items faster and more efficient. From utensils to oven racks, to pots and pans, to grates and hood filters, a custom soak tank and soak tank service program can simplify your day-to-day and seasonal commercial kitchen cleaning.

Whatever your specialty may be in the kitchen, the experts at AIR QUALITY will make sure your commercial kitchen is clean, safe, well-maintained, and code compliant! From exhaust hood cleaning to commercial power washing, vent hood filter exchange services to dumpster pad cleaning, the professionals at AIR QUALITY will take care of all your commercial kitchen needs. Contact us today!

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